Grace and poise

These images are part of a series exploring the concept of dedication and striving for perfection. While the audience sees the effortless, gracefully composed movements and impeccable poise - they are generally not privy to the ballerinas unending dedication, drive and persistent practice. 
I find interest in pursuits whereby success can only be achieved with unending work and graft. Ballet embodies this in spades with the need for incredible strength, balance, timing and intense discipline.

Portraits of Aimee Hodgkinson, Demi-Soloist with the Victorian State Ballet. Aimee was born in Dunedin, New Zealand and started dancing at the age of four.

This images were made as part of an art commission from the Bayside Public Gallery. Three of the images were displayed on large lightboxes in the grounds of the Billilla historic mansion in Brighton, Victoria.

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